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Walt Drechsler

Pellucidar Spends Some Time In The Yard…..

Following a light wind sail to Richmond we find ourselves tied up to Svendsen’s dock on a very warm Sunday afternoon. This aint no Oakland Yacht Club!

View from Svendsen’s Dock

Before we left Everett, Bob Doyle performed a rig inspection for our upcoming trip. During the inspection he noticed the upper halyard swivel on the furler was showing signs of possible failure in the future. A few calls to Selden and it was determened we should replace it. We got a new part flown in but as this would involve removing the jib furler and time was not on our side we put it aboard for installation somewhere along the trip.

It was just a coincidence that Andy from NW Rigging in Anacortes had just started at Svenden’s in Richmond. He was able to get us scheduled quickly and they did a great job getting it swapped out. On the way down from Seattle we had an issue with the main halyard slipping in the clutch to the point the tack of the mainsail had come disconnected. Svenden’s just happens to have a guy who can splice rope to wire halyards so we had a couple of those replaced as well.

New halyards being created in the rigging shop

To replace the upper swivel the entire furler had to be disconnected and lowered to the dock. Svendsen’s allowed me to help with some of the assembly / dis-assembly work. While I was removing one of the cotter pins on the lower assembly, I dropped my favorite pair of pliers overboard. G2 was less than pleased….

G2 keeps a close eye on all the tools!
Furler going back up!

We had some down time inbetween projects while in Richmond. We wandered back and forth to Richmond several times during our stay. One day we ran across a building labled the Natitorium. We vowed to Google it later but before we had a chance to research it, a fellow yard mate, John from African Rover, said he was going to wander up there and check it out. He had lived in Richmond years ago and knew they had remodled the building. It was absolutely beautiful inside. Do you know what a Natitorium is………..

Does this help with the answer?

One night we wandered up to town to find something to eat. We came across the unique pub with a rugby theme. Up and Under Pub and Grill. Service was quick and food was good.

One day we walked to the Bart station (not the best of ideas from the yard as we had to cross a few pretty rough neighborhoods) and rode to Berkeley. We had a sandwich at Ike’s and then took in a movie. Lets just say Linda no longer gets to pick out our movie selections. All in all it was a nice day away from a very warm boat with temperatures topping out at 95 degrees. We took Uber back from the Bart station!

We leave the yard and set off to explore the rest of San Francisco Bay for the next week while we await our friends Bill and Janet who will join us on the way to San Diego.

Ride along if you can!

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