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Walt Drechsler

June 4 – 5 Secret Cove / Jedidiah Island

We hoisted anchor, untied our selves from shore and caught the ebb tide down Agamemnon Channel. (say that 3 times fast…heck I can’t even say it once!)

We had bypassed Secret Cove on the way up so decided to stop in on the return trip. We are still way ahead of the normal season so many of the resorts are just not up to full operations at this point. Secret Cove had a nice dock, clean restrooms with nice hot showers, and a fairly well stocked store.

G2 saw his friends from the boat anchored with us in Harmony Islands

They even had some space to walk which is good for everyone after being at anchor for a few days. Apparantly (Except me, I took a nap)

Linda and I took a quick trip around the cove in the dingy. There are some very nice structures going up for sure. Here is just one example. They said it should be ready for us to move in by the end of August. All I need to do is bring a check……

They were still working on this one

Upon returning from our tour of the harbour we found this pretty yacht tied up at the end of the dock.

We never got the chance to speak with the owners but she was well cared for. We saw this yacht up at Echo Bay later in the month.

Secret Cove was a quick stop for us to top up on groceries, water and a little fuel for the dingy. I’m sure it will be full in the coming weeks. Sounds like July 1 is the trigger for them.

Wednesday morning showed us some very promising winds in the marina. We left the dock at 1000 and motored out of the cove in about 10 knts. Once we cleared the cove and rolled out the sails the wind dropped to 5 knts. Good news it was out of the South so we had a little broad reach going as we headed for the South end of Texada Island. As we crossed Welcome Channel the winds built to between 8 to 13 kts. Malaspina Strait showed us the predicted winds of 15 to 20 knts and it was game on. The seas came along with the wind as we were wind against tide and that always makes for an exhilarating time. The wind continued to build. The boat was doing ok but I should have reefed earlier as she was a handful to control. Once a boat of this size gets to this point she is a handfull to reef and get the sails rolled back in even with a full crew. Damon suggested we get the boat under more control before we enter Sabine Channel between Jedidah and Texada Islands. We gained some sea room and got the main furled pretty well. The yankee did not cooperate as well. We discovered later the spinnaker halyard got wrapped around the top furler so we could only get it partially furled. Between the partial furl and the reefed main it did help alot and the fact we were turning downwind helped take some of the pressure off even more. We were still eclipsing 7 knots up Sabine Channel!

Sorry, No pictures of this part of the journey. We were all just a little pre occupied. But I do have a chart!

Once we were able to hide behind Jedidiah Island, we got the sails sorted out, rolled up and we motored into Deep Bay on the Northwestern side of the island.

You see us calmly at anchor but its not as easy as it looks. It took us three attempts to get the anchor to set and we ended up setting the anchor on the other side of the bay and backing down to stern tie. It worked and that is all we are going to say about that.

Next morning we took the dingy to shore to hike the island. You would think we would learn to prepare for the rise and fall of the tides when we go hiking. Not exactly!

Hmmm…. Fine mess weve gotten ourselves into!

As we started up the trail sun was filtering through the trees and casting a golden glow across the leaves.

Leaves glowing in the morning sunlight

We hiked across the open prairie filled with wild flowers while the birds filled the air with their songs. As we approached the old homestead we saw the sheep graising in the field under the trees.

Sheep graising in the field

As you come to the end of the prarie you see evidence of the old homestead. There is an orchard that sits between the old shop and the home that sits majestically on the hill overlooking Home Bay on the SE side of the island.

Daniel George Culver was instrumental in preserving this area.

So we are not the only ones that can’t read a tide table. These kayakers had their stay extended by a few hours. This bay is deep, sticky mud. Yuk!

Jedidiah Island was one of the highlights of our trips. If it had not been for Leslie doing some research and encouraging us to stop we probably never would have visited this amazing island

The next day we hoist anchor and cross the Strait of Georgia for Comox Harbour.

Disclaimer – I’m putting these together as we have service. I’m sure you can tell they are rushed and probably have errors. Please just ignore and enjoy the adventure!

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