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Walt Drechsler

John Henry (Pender Harbour) – Back Eddy (Egmont) May 27-28 2019

Last we left you, we had our spinnaker full and we were racing…. (ok, we were barely breaking 3 knots) up Malaspina Strait. We put G2 on the winch as the wind piped up and made a great run up to Pender Harbour.

G2 working the spinnaker line

We arrived outside Pender Harbour after a nice sail and 2 1/2 days on the hook needing showers and some provisions! We selected John Henry Marina as our destination. We dropped the sails and motored our way into Hospital Bay. (None of us were comfortable with the name) The marina was well staffed, friendly and the showers were clean and hot! Just what a hard sailing crew needs. We arrived early afternoon so we had plenty of time to get showers, some laundry washed, and a few miscellaneous projects done around the boat. Apparently the local pub had a little “labor dispute” the week before we arrived. (The cook took a pick ax to the joint) so that was not available. The local cafe looked good but they closed early. We heard about a pub across the harbor called the Grasshopper but heard there was a bit of a walk….. They were not kidding!

We ran the dingy across the bay to the dock. Then we walked up the ramp (Of course it was low tide, why would you even ask? ) Then walked the very steep incline up to the Pender Harbour Hotel and Grasshopper Pub. The food was fabulous the the view even better! It was worth the walk. †

Pender Harbour from The Grasshopper Pub

In the picture below you can see the road back down to the water. This thing was steep. Damon and Leslie trucked up and back like they do it every day. Crazy!

Look at that incline!

Next morning we were up early to catch the tide but the weather outside was frightful…. A couple of power boats had left earlier that morning and came back to wait for the afternoon calm that was forecasted. We held off until about 1100 then untied the lines. The breeze started light but soon filled in to force 4 from the stern. (11 to 16 knots). This filled both the main and the yankee enough to move the boat just under hull speed.

As we ran up the channel we saw a small forest fire start on the Northern shore. The fire crew worked quickly to get it extinguished.

Helicopter dumping some kind of liquid on the fire

We jibed our way up Agamemnon Channel to the Back Eddy Marina at Egmont.

We had a lot of clearance but it still looks scary from the deck!

Just before we turned the corner to Egmont we saw the ferry that runs between the Schelt Peninusula and Powell River

We had planned on anchoring at Egmont but the currents run pretty hard just before the Skookumchuck Narrows so we elected to take a spot on their dock. We ate a late lunch of fish and chips in the pub and and Damon and I enjoyed a local beer. Afterwards we prepped the boat to make ready for an early departure the next morning. This was a quick stop for us to top off the water tank and get ready for our big run up Princess Louisa Inlet. We needed to catch the slack at Malibu Rapids. There was a lot we wanted to see in Egmont so we decided to stop on the way back and spend a few more days exploring the area.

Next we white knuckle it through Malibu Rapids and…….

Guess you’ll have to wait for the next post.

Keep your fork!

Crew of SV Pellucidar

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