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Walt Drechsler

False Creek – Smuggler’s Cove

We arrived in False Creek and got the anchor settled in about 15′ of water right off of Charleson Park. We did not find out till later this was the local dog park. This is a very tight anchorage but everyone was very friendly and helpful. You need to get an permit to anchor in False Creek but the process is very simple and there is no charge. They give you 24 hours from the time you arrive to obtain your permit so it works out well. Below is a map of the anchorage areas available. (We have to stay West of the Cambie Bridge)

Coming into Burrard Inlet has always been very rough for us. After a very long day of motoring, sailing, then motoring up from Sucia, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. We took the dingy over to Granville Island and had a wonderful dinner at the Keg. These restaurants have been one of our favorites but there is only one left in our area back home. This was a real treat for us and did not disappoint!

We slept late the next morning. I took the dingy and ran over to Stamp Landing to get the anchor permit while Linda straitened up after breakfast. We docked the dingy again at Granville Island and walked the trail on the back side of the island down toward Stamp Landing. This is a beautiful walk along a very nicely paved trail with seperate lanes for cyclest and pedestrians. You walk by the South Side of the island where they have a water park as well as other areas for families to relax and enjoy the area. The only issue we have with this trail is there are no restrooms! Being desperate after our walk we jumped into a Branas Mediterranean Grill at Stamps Landing and had an early lunch overlooking the anchorage. (They had a restroom!) We sat out on the deck and enjoyed both the view and the food. It was a very nice and much needed break!

As we walked back under a cloudless sky and slight breeze, we ran across this Goose, Gander and their goslings! This is a busy path with cyclists and walkers going all directions. The little family did not seem the least bit concerned and everyone stopped to allow them passage.

Here are few more pics of False Creek. We have been here twice now and really have grown to love this place.


Friday morning we hoisted anchor and moved to the dock at Fisherman’s Wharf.


We collected our crew, Damon and Leslie, who will be onboard for the next two weeks while we explore the Sunshine Coast. We timed our arrival perfectly with one of the shrimp boats coming back with the days catch. Guess what we had for dinner?


Once they had all their gear on board and were settled we hailed a taxi to the local grocery store where we got provisions for the next several days. We were scheduled to leave on Sunday but we were able to get everything done ahead of schedule so we pulled out bright and early Saturday morning. (bright being a figurative word…)

Saturday dawned cold, rainy and foggy. We snaked our way out of English Bay and around all the freighters anchored there. It was white knuckle until the fog lifted and we cleared the bay and headed the bow north. It really was a great day to travel as there was no wind to sail and we had about 38 miles to our first anchorage at Smuggler Cove. This would be one of the longest passages of our trip so good to get it out of the way early. Burrard Inlet did not disappoint on the way out. It was rough and tumble all the way up to Welcome Passage. Once we got a little protection behind Thormanby Island, it smoothed out all the way to Smuggler Cove.

Next up we navigate the small entrance to Smuggler’s Cove and stern tie for the first time!

Keep your fork!

Walt & Linda


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