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Walt Drechsler

A Beautiful Day in Reid Harbor

The next morning greeted us with bright, warm sunshine! What a difference a day makes! We spent the morning slowly watching the bay wake up as the sun continued to rise above the hills protecting us in Reid Harbor. After coffee and breakfast, we jumped into the “Dingy Boat” and traveled to the park dock prepared for a leisurely hike out to Turn Point. We got a little more than we bargained for but it made a great excursion.


Reid Harbor looking SE from the head of the bay

We first walked over the hill to Prevost Harbor. This was our original destination until a rain squall changed our plans and we found shelter in Reid. Prevost seems much larger but we like Reid equally as well. We met some very nice people from Anacortes who came up for the morning from Friday Harbor. We visited for a spell then were off on our adventure.


Linda starting up the trail from Reid Harbor to Turn Point Light House

Not to far into our walk, the trail took a steep grade down to the end of the bay. Although the trail is very well maintained, we knew this was going to be “the killer” when we got back.


Stairmaster from Hell!

As we continued the path took us around the head of the bay then joined the county road that directed us out to Turn Point. This is where Haro Strait and Boundary Pass meet at what some consider a “blind” corner for shipping traffic. So much so they have a special VTS channel for this area.

Along the way we passed the old school house. The library and museum are open for a self guided tour. We spent a good 30 to 45 minutes here reading the history and marveling at how families survived out here away from everything!

As we continued on, we passed a couple of private residences as well as a private airfield but all was quiet. Just us and the birds.


View of Prevost Harbor from the county road

The trail is well marked and a majority of it was county road. Someone even added a tree swing along the way…. I was not sure the branch or the rope would hold me… It did!

We took our time and enjoyed the little things along the way….

Pelican log, what I believe to be a Skunk Cabbage and a “Toot Toot Root?”

The sign to Turn Point told us we must be getting closer and was a welcome sight. Seemed like we had been walking for hours. In reality we had been meandering which takes much longer than hiking!

IMG_0212 (2)

Close to the end of the trail was an overlook that was absolutley amazing! We stopped to take a selfie staying way back from the edge!

We again did a self guided tour and sat on the walkway to have some lunch in the warm sunshine.

The current was running pretty strong and Linda saw a few dolphins feeding along the rips. She also spotted a huge eagle sitting in the tree above us.

IMG_0240 (2)

He soon got bored and flew off toward the East.


Turn point had been something I wanted to do for along time but just never made out to Stuart with enough time to make it happen. It was well worth the wait!

Before we started off on our return trip we visited the loo. All of the facilities in the park were exceptionally well maintained but this one at Turn Point was a cut above. The preservation society had seen to it that it stand out as a show piece.


The trip back seemed much quicker but we had done most of our “lookie looing” on the way in. I did spot one thing of interest. When my sister and I were much younger she always wanted to collect rocks and bring them back to camp. I found one of those special rocks along the trail…..


Special Leaverright Rock

You may not know this but this special rock has a name. Leaverright.

My Dad would tell my sister, “Leave er right there”!

Reid Harbor

We made it back up the stairs from hell and back to the boat in time for happy hour. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the deck with a cold drink and grilled up some burgers for dinner. Life really does not get much better.

Next we leave Reid Harbor and head back South.

Keep your fork!

The Crew!

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