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Walt Drechsler

A Little Hope to Start Labor Day Weekend

I apologize. Had no idea it had been so long since I sat down at the key board. This series does not have a lot of pictures but we had a good time non the less.

My sister, along with her husband and our nephew, came to visit for the first portion of the weekend. We were nearing the end of crabbing season for the summer and wanted to get in a little adventure as well. We let go the lines and headed North. Not much sailing today as the seas were flat but we had a nice run up to Hope Island. Our itinerary called for a circumnavigation of Whidbey Island over the next few days. Our three boys and oldest grandson did this trip over 4 days when we first bought our Morgan, Sound Decision.

This time was going to be a little quicker but still lots of fun and adventure.

We arrived at Hope Island with plenty of time to set the crab pots. As we are setting the last pot when we noticed this really nice looking, dark hulled sailboat clear the West end of Hope Island. It was then we realized it was our friends Will and Debbie from Solstice. They have a beautiful Moody 38 and are moored at the same marina. They probably thought pirates were after them but Linda and I chased them down In the dingy to say hi. They were on the way to Canada for a week or so and looking for a mooring bouy to hold over for slack tide through the pass. As they continued their search, Linda and I went the other way and landed on the island. We hiked across to the South side. It was a fun little walk and we were rewarded with a spectacular view across Skagit Bay with Mount Rainier out in all her glory.

We came back from our hike and returned to the boat. My nephew, Keenen, and I decided to check the pots. We got a few keepers but decided to move the pots across the bay where we had heard the crabbing was much better. We set the pots on the South shore of Skagit Island to soak overnight. Well, that was the last we were to see of our pots……

By this time one of the mooring bouts at Hope Island had opened up and our friends, Will and Debbie came back to tie up for the night. They had tried the bouys around Skagit Island but the current and wind coming from Deception Pass made it too uncomfortable……. this should have been my first clew as to how my crab pots were going to fare. Some days I’m not the brightest bulb in the box!

Will and Debbie from Solstice arrived by dinging with brownies that went very well with a blackberry brandy we had on board from the San Juan Distillery near Roach Harbor. (Highly recommend a visit) We had a great visit and everyone turned in early as we were both catching slack in the morning to transit Deception Pass.

The next morning we followed Will and Debbie through the pass. They turned to starboard and we went to port. One we got out into the strait we were enveloped in a pea soup fog that did not lift until halfway down Marrowstone Island. No wind, no visibility and it was cold!

By the time we entered Port Ludlow the sun was shining bright and it had warmed up. One of our favorite anchorages is the back bay at Port Ludlow but on a busy Labor Day weekend this was not to be. We anchored just West of the marina and that worked out fine. Out came the paddle board and kayak. We had a fun day exploring the bay. Keenen got pretty good on the paddle board. I don’t think he fell in once

The next morning we raised the anchor and as Port Ludlow was still visible in our wake, we rolled out the sails and had a great sail down Admiralty Inlet. This was the first time during this trip we had the opportunity to sail and it was exhilarating!

We arrived at the port safe and sound. My sister’s family headed back to Bend Oregon the next day while Linda and I untied the lines and headed South. More on that adventure later.

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