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Walt Drechsler

Day Trippin’ With Pellucidar Crew

We were enjoying our stay at Telegraph Harbour we decided to stay another day and do some exploring across the water. Last we left you, we were just boarding the ferry to Chemainus.


Chemainus is a cute little town on Vancouver Island about an hour outside of Victoria. Founded as a logging town in 1858 but is now known for its 39 incredible outdoor murals and live theater. We had a chance to enjoy the murals as we wandered through this funky little town but did not have time to experience the theater. Gives us a great reason to return.

As we walked up the hill toward the main part of town we crossed through Water Wheel park. Great play area for the kids with a real water wheel and murals behind.

We continued up through town and found ourselves at the Willow Street Cafe. On the ferry I had enjoyed a conversation with a fellow sailor and as we disembarked we had gone our separate ways. As we approached the restaurant there was my new friend at an outside table. We joined him and had a delightful conversation all centered around sailing of course. Graham was a naval architect who knew Robert Perry and was instrumental in the design of the Walker Bay Dingy. He sails single handed through out the Gulf Islands in the late spring and early summer months. It was his boat I had seen in the channel as we walked to the ferry earlier that morning.

After lunch it was time to head back down the hill and catch the ferry back to Thetis Island.

Next we prepare for a trip to the main land and Vancouver BC…….

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