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Walt Drechsler

Telegraph Harbour – Thetis Island



Arriving in Telegraph Harbour we were met at the dock by Ron, the owner who took our dock lines and got us settled. The marina is tucked back into the bay on the “fun side of the island” (and sunny side) Ron and Tara offer a general store, espresso bar, fuel dock, laundry facilities, washrooms and showers. Facilities are clean and very welcoming.

Communication of our blog has been delayed due to the crowds surrounding the Telus Booth in Telegraph Harbour. We managed to overcome our obstacle and will continue with the rest of the story.


What!?  No long distance? We are on the friends and family plan! 

Telegraph Harbor is set between Thetis and Penelakut (previously Kuper) Islands. The island was renamed in 2010 in honor of the Penelakut First Nation people. There is a channel between the two islands running out to Trincomali Channel that is fun to explore via kayak or dingy. Local boats were blasting through at high tide but I’m not that (brave?)

Channel between the islands gets narrow at low tide!

We decided to take a little walk around the North end of the bay over to the West side of the island where the ferry to Penelakut Island and Chemainus which is on Vancouver Island. We heard that Chemainus was the town of murals so of course we had  to go. The walk around the bay was pleasant. We sauntered along as the tide was ebbing exposing a large part of the bay.


Telegraph Harbour at low tide

We passed by a very small Saturday market, lovely flowers and lots of wildlife.


Linda with her bouquet of flowers!

We continued up the hill and around a bend in the road to a view that is hard to describe. There is a bible camp nestled up right near the ferry landing. The plush, rolling hills seem to run right up to the sparkly blue water that stretches across to Vancouver Island.

Flowers along our path / View looking over the camp across Stuart Channel

As we continued our walk to the ferry terminal is was evident we had not done our homework. We had about a 90 minute wait for the next crossing. Not to worry. A quick 15 minute walk continuing along our same route took us to Thetis Island Marina. The perfect place to grab a beer and bite to eat.

On the way back to the ferry landing Linda caught this Bald Eagle soaring back and forth along the beach. What a spectacular site to witness.

Eagle soaring above Stuart Channel

As we approached the ferry landing about 75 young people approached from summer camp. These kids were going home after a few days at camp but seemed to still have a ton of energy. It was fun listening in on their adventures of the last few days.


Ferry landing on Thetis Island

And with that we loaded up the ferry and headed for Chemainus!

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