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Walt Drechsler

Nettle Island – Broken Group

We motored out Bamfield Inlet and once we were clear of Agulair Point, rolled out the sails. Heading out between Helby and Stanford Islands we noticed the main sail had not completely unfurled. We decided to anchor and take a look before we did any serious damage. The wind was light so it was a good time to check things out. We found a nice, protected spot next to Helby Island and dropped the hook. After spending some time at the mast looking at the sail and furler, Barrett felt “we” (that means Jill) needed to go up the mast a ways to see what was going on. “Let’s get your bosun’s chair” Um, don’t have one. Really? You don’t have a bosun’s chair? It’s on my list – now! He was very gracious. He quickly rigged a harness out of a dock line and Jill, being the trooper she is, allowed us to hoist her up with Barrett’s handy work.


The reason we had to go up the mast was the sail would not come down for us to inspect. The reason we could not get the sail down was someone, who shall remain nameless, released the wrong halyard. I’m suprised we did not have a mutiny right then and there! Barrett and Jill were very patient with me. We finally got the sail un-furreled and then rolled back up. Just need to be more careful when we furl the main sail so it does not get a double wrap.

By the time we were squared away and ready to go, the wind had come up and we were able to sail across Imperial Eagle Channel and into the Broken Group of islands.


Nettle Island is located in the North Eastern part of the Broken Group. There are several anchorages around the island but they are all protected by rocks. Some of the rocks you can even see! We found the spot previously discussed at the dock on the South West side of the island. We approached with Gibraltar Island on our Port and wound our way through the rocks to the anchorage.


The anchorage could accommodate up to a couple of boats but we were told if there are no other boats, go to the middle and drop our hook in about 30′ of water. That is exactly what we did.


It was time to rest, relax, and explore. We launched the toys and Barrett rigged the spinnaker pole to hold a hammock. Jill seemed to approve….


Exploring around Nettle Island was amazing. We kayaked, paddle boarded and dingyed around the area. With every stroke and around each rock formation there was another spectacular view.





After all that paddling we were hungry. We gathered a few burgers and hot dogs then got the skipper to do a little grillin’


Following a restful night of sleep, we hoisted anchor and headed out the bay toward our lunch stop in the Stud Islets. We heard rumors of a beach with sand so white and  water so clear and warm you would think you landed in paradise. They had us sold!


We had to anchor out a little further than I would of liked but we were warned that may happen and not to worry about it. So we didn’t….

Again the toys were dispersed and we sent out the exploring parties. We found the white sand beach as promised. It was a great place to spend the morning. Butt……..

We had a party to get to!


Wind started to fill in as we hoisted the anchor and set a course to Bamfield for the party. With Linda at the helm and Barrett and Jill trimming, we had a great sail hitting 8+ knts at times! Linda was having a blast setting new speed records.


Next up: The beach party and the ride home!

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