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Walt Drechsler

Chillin’ in Paradise

After a full nights rest we were up and ready to explore. We had two full days to explore Barkley Sound and we were going to make the most of it.

Bamfield has a boardwalk the runs the length of town on the West Side. Off we went in search of a few supplies and breakfast sandwiches. Thankfully the trail was well marked….


We had not walked too far before we ran into “Key West” Bamfield.


A little ways further up the boardwalk we came upon “Button Alley”


Then there were Mushrooms and Fairys and Bears! Oh my! (Never saw a bear but it was not for the lack of trying)



The boardwalk was an adventure, in and of itself, and we had only just begun.

Arriving at Bamfield Mercantile & Marine, we immediately felt at home. We ordered our breakfast sandwiches then proceeded to do the tourist thing, buying various articles of clothing, a few supplies, and even a post card that we were able to mail next door at the Bamfield Post Office. While we were visiting with Marnie, the store’s propieter, she mentioned a beach party that would commence on Saturday night and convinced us we should work our schedule around so we could attend.

20170901_092950We finished our breakfast sandwiches then wandered next door to mail our postcard. There were signs everywhere warning of bears. When we inquired there were several accounts of bears sited that very morning and it seemed like a daily occurance for these residents. On the way back we took a slight detour to see if we could get a glimpse of a bear but I must admit, my heart was not entirely into meeting a bear! My fears were unfounded as the largest thing we saw was a dinosaur plant.


After our bear hunt, we headed back toward the boat with a short pit stop to ” rest” After checking the room for bears of course.


Visiting with a couple fellow boaters on the dock, they suggested we might enjoy anchoring off Nettle Island out in the Broken Group. What are we waiting for? It wasn’t long before the dock lines were released and we were heading out Bamfield Inlet onto our next destination.

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