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Walt Drechsler

A Summary of Summer – Part I

When you have a summer in the NW like we had this year, you squeeze every drop you can out of it. We’ve been blessed with lots of crew to hoist sails, trim sheets, drop crab pots, pull crab pots, kayak, paddle board and at times, just splash around the boat. We found a nice little anchorage just North of Kayak point that served us well for three consecutive weekends.

Linda and I did a trial run on week one. Dropped the pots on the way in. Anchored up and gave the kayak and paddle board a work out. I won’t tell you which one of us fell in, but it was not me!

Overall it was a great outing and we came away with 16 nice sized Dungeness crab all cleaned and cooked. We had to get back as the sisters were arriving that day.

Sunday was the beginning of sister week. Linda’s sisters from Albany, OR and Spokane, WA arrived for some good ole girl R & R. Sunday afternoon we went for a “first sail”. Wind was blowing 8 to 10 knots and the boat was sailing very comfortably. Next thing I know the wind is at 25 knots and I’ve got too much sail up getting the stink eye from the Admiral. I try to keep the first sailing experience as benine as possible but around here, things can change in a hurry. We managed to get the jib rolled up and came into port under main alone at over 6.5 knots. Everyone seemed to enjoy their first sail dispite a few moments of “am I gonna die” thoughts.

The next weekend was all about the cousins. Andy, Lara, Afton and Kendall rolled in late Friday night from a whirlwind excursion to Deception Pass, Port Townsend, and Victoria BC. We loaded up Saturday morning and had a nice sail up to Port Susan while Andy slaved away in the galley.


As breakfast came to a close, the wind died so we fired up the iron Jenny and dropped the crab pots on the way in to anchor. As we were positioning the boat for the traps, I heard a weird noise. We have a feathering prop so thinking all the back and forth caused a blade to hang up, I never thought much more about it. (This will play out later to be much more that originally thought). It is a rare day that any but the bravest of souls, swim in the frigid waters of Puget Sound. This was one of those days. Everyone got in the water in some fashion. The girls figured out how to pull the crab pots from the paddle board with out tipping over. An amazing demonstration of skill and youth. We had the whole fleet out checking pots that afternoon. Between Saturday and Sunday we had cooked, cleaned and cracked 18 crab. Some crab went home but most were devoured on the spot.


Next week, my sister, brother in law and nephews arrive in anticipation of a fun filled weekend.

My sister and her family live in Bend, OR so a trip up to the NW is a bit of a haul. Everyone works so getting time off and coordinating schedules is getting tougher. It just makes these weekends even more special when we can pull them off. Arriving late on Friday night, we slept everyone aboard and headed out the next morning. Getting ready to leave the dock I had no power to the thrusters. ” That’s interesting” Not that big of a deal as we seldom use the thrusters but always nice to have in your back pocket if needed. We left the dock thinking I would deal with this next week. Again we had a great sail from Port of Everett up to about Camano Head where the wind would not cooperate. It was rougher than normal but under sail the boat is very stable and allowed me to still prepare a nice breakfast of sausage, pancakes and eggs. We dropped the pots on the way in. Again the noise I’d heard last week only more pronounced. It went way” interesting”. The wind came up as we were getting ready to anchor so instead we took this opportunity to sail across Port Susan to the West side of the bay. We had a great sail then anchored for lunch and a swim. Once we finished up with lunch we sailed back over to Kayak point and dropped the anchor. More noise. Wow, that prop is really starting to act up.

Got out the toys. Keenan is a fish when it come to the water. really took to the paddle board and loves to swim as well. He got a little too confident a few times and fell in but it did not take him long before he was taking some pretty decent waves.


Griffin is the reader. He prefers the hammock and a book to the paddle board but he was my main guy when it came to checking the crab pots.


Robert was happy just to relax for a day. He enjoys sailing and being on the boat. He did all the driving from Bend Friday night after working a full shift so the short R & R did him good.


It’s about this time I noticed the house battery bank was much lower than I expected. We had done a good combination of sailing and motoring all day and the batteries should have been charged. Hmmmm. I fired up the engine to charge the batteries…… No charge coming from the alternator although the regulator is reading fine. Hmmmmm. No thruster, no charging. Houston, we have a problem. Hmmmm.

Linda and I woke early the next morning and the house bank was about 45%. No bueno! We collected the crab pots. Not a very successful weekend for crab. We only got three, and made a beeline for Everett. There is that noise again but it went away once I got up to speed. I felt bad we had to cut the time short. Especially since our crab count was so poor but everyone had a good time.

We made it back to port…



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