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Walt Drechsler

Come on and take a free ride…..

It was early Friday morning when we untied the lines and headed out Olympia Channel. Destination: Dockton Park in Quarter Master Harbor, 34 nautical miles to the North. There was not a whisper of wind on the water so we all had the Iron Jenny moving us North while the sun began painting another masterpiece to the East.

South Sound Cruise 2017 138

To take advantage of the ebbing tide, we left early that morning and caught a free ride up through the Narrows and across to Vashion Island.

We retraced our steps from a few days prior through Dana Passage and around Devil’s Head but then turned East into Balch Passage. As we passed Eagle Island we were amazed to see over 100 seals sunning themselves on the beach. What a spectacular site!

South Sound Cruise 2017 164

We passed by the prison on McNeal Island. I had heard about this prison over the years but never had chosen to visit. Probably a good thing on many levels!


The rest of the trip we had a few dolphins, seagulls, and harbor seals keep us company. As we entered Quarter Master Harbor the wind picked up but not enough to sail. We tied up to the county dock and went up to register.

South Sound Cruise 2017 189

I was amused at the pay station. One of the during the entire trip. It looked like a recycled parking meter. Choose from one of three size ranges, insert your credit card, print out the ticket, and “place it on your dash”

We ran across the bay to set the crab traps then ran around the Point to check out the marina store. We were not able to find access from the water so we toured around the two private marinas and headed back to the dock.

As we arrived early everyone had plenty of room to dock and soon the toys began to come out. Deana and Sue had their kayak and paddle board.

We launched our kayak and others had their dingys. The paddle board was a huge hit. Sue from Happy Seal was the first to try Deana’s paddle board and the first to enter the cool waters of Quarter Master Harbor! Lesson learned: Don’t wear the inflatable life jack on the paddle board @ $35.00 per re-load!

South Sound Cruise 2017 221

Sue is a trooper. She traded in her soggy life jacket for a dry one and got back aboard. Second round was dry.

South Sound Cruise 2017 201

Linda was next and did very well for her first time out.

South Sound Cruise 2017 216

Xterra should be very happy. I believe they sold two or three paddle boards that weekend thanks to Deana!

As the afternoon wound down, we checked the crab traps and were having a tough time of it. We got a couple but nothing like the results we are used to. We moved the pots in a little closer to see if we could change our luck. Some went for a hike, some napped and I decided to try my world famous crab cake recipe. (Actually this is the first time I ever made them but now they are world famous) 🙂 Thanks to Edith for her expert taste testing, the crab cakes came out scrumptious.

South Sound Cruise 2017 220

That night the docks really filled up with boats of all shapes and sizes. As the sun set, food poured out of the galleys and morphed into another ” Milltown Worthy” potluck ending with good food, great friends, and lots of laughs. Tomorrow we head for Shilshole Bay Marina. The last stop of our South Sound adventure.



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