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Walt Drechsler

Laughing Goats and Uber

Thursday morning we woke to overcast skies and evidence on the boats of moisture deposited overnight. Forecast called for a few squalls throughout the day but that did not dampen our spirits. First on the agenda was reprovisioning. There were a few of us that needed a quick trip to town for groceries but the store was a bit of a hike. Uber to the rescue. The Thrifway store near Percivel Landing is well stocked and just a fun place to visit. The staff is always so friendly and accomodating. Having gathered our supplies we once again summoned Uber to deliver us and our groceries back to the marina. Easy squeeze. Now it’s time to explore. Grant and Linda had set the pace early that morning teasing us through text of various places they had visited. We had a mission! On the way to the market I happen to notice a statue in a courtyard surrounded by shrubberies. I spy the laughing goats!


Sorry, the old goat is blocking the other goat but he is laughing….. (short note: We had a selfie stick and after trying to make it work on this shot Linda gave it away to the next teenager we encountered.) Hope she can make the confounded thing work better than we could. Dennis told me to get rid of it. I try to always follow his advice. Back to our regular scheduled broadcast……

we spent some time in the market. Very busy for a late Thursday morning. They had a little bit of everything and this is where we found our second scavenger item, Wagner’s Bakery.


Continuing through the market my keen inner sense was telling me it was time to refuel. Dingy’s Puget Sound Cuisine seemed to be just the ticket.


I had the Prawns and chips. Large prawns, lightly battered and cooked to perfection. I sampled a cup of their crab & corn chowder while waiting for my order. Amazing is the only word to describe it.

We wandered up to Percivile Landing where we watched the kids play in the fountain cooling off from the afternoon sun. As we wandered back to the marina, we bumped into Pam from Else. She treated us to an nice, refreshing, afternoon beverage at The famous Budd Bay Cafe.


Later that evening we met up with a coworker and his bride who had recently moved to the Olympia area. We had a great evening dining at the Oly Rock Fish Grill. It was nice to visit and enjoy a nice moment outside the work environment.

We called it early as we had a long Passage to make and the tides were setting our wake up schedule for tomorrow.

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