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Walt Drechsler

Jarrell Cove

Tuesday morning we woke to bright blue sky…. again! We could not have picked a better week for our trip. Edith offered to teach Linda some kayak moves before we departed while I fixed a larger than normal breakfast of bacon, eggs and a hot cake. Linda really enjoyed her time with Edith and came back excited at all the new things she had learned. We are very new to the kayaking world so thankful for any instruction we get along the way.

As we left the dock around mid morning, “The Mountain” as we now called her, was out in all her glory and seemed to grow larger each new day.


We left with a vey light breeze blowing. We headed out Filucy Bay around McDermott Point, set the engine just above idle, and enjoyed the gentle rolling of the boat in the soft swells.  As we rounded Devil’s Head we pushed North up Hartstine Island toward Jerrell’s Cove. On the way I heard some scurrying around in the galley and soon after, I was nibbling on some fantastic fair from our crabbing efforts the day before. The Admiral is amazing in the galley! Fresh crab, fruit, crackers and cheese.


Jerrell Cove is one of those places you hear so much about but never believe you will ever get there. It is picture perfect, quiet, and well protected. There is a full service marina on one side and a beautiful state park on the other.


Yes, I “borrowed” this picture. The State Park has two docks. The first one was in use by a working barge so was not available. The park hosts, Donna and Steve, were wonderful. They worked really hard to try and accommodate us on at least one of the docks. To the point where Linda and Steve hiked around the point to move a few boats around to make room. The second dock is in shallower water and with a minus tide the next morning that would not work so well for our sailing vessels. Pellucidar is over the 45′ limit for the mooring bouys. The cove was well protected and no strong winds were predicted that evening so Steve gave us the thumbs up to tie up to a bouy. Once we secured to our bouy, many of us traveled to the marina side of the cove where they served a great shaved ice. Very refreshing on a hot day! We had tacos on board for dinner then gathered back on shore later that evening for dessert and adult beverages. The desserts were amazing. I would describe all that was available but I know I would leave something out. It is best to say I sampled them all!  Dale brought with him an old game used aboard ships in years gone by. That held our interest for quite some time and was fun to watch.

Another great day in the books and I believe everyone of us is very thankful for the friendships and experiences we are enjoying. Tomorrow we head for the big city but I know Linda and I will be back. We could of stayed here for a number of days. We have a lot more exploring to do. Tomorrow we sail to Olympia.








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