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Walt Drechsler

The Mountain Turns Pink

We retrieved the anchor following a quiet night in Eagle Harbor and headed South around Resoration Point inside Blakey Rock. The wind was fluky so we continued to motor. We chose to go down Colvos Pass due to the shorter distance even though we knew the current always runs North. The wind picked up a bit so we Rolled out the sails in hopes we could make a little forward progress against the current. With a 1+ knot opposing current it made for a challenging but fun excersise. Our first tack did not produce any positive progress but once we got things dialed in we were tacking back and forth making reasonable progress with each trip across the channel. Soon the wind died so we rolled up the sails and motored the final leg into Gig Harbor. If you’ve never been into Gig Harbor by boat the entrance can be a little daunting but with a lot of care and a watchful eye it is not as bad as it first seems.


Once we worked our way through the paddle boarders and kayakers we dropped anchor in front of Arabella’s where a number of our group had already tied up. We dropped a crab pot off the bow and took the dingy into shore. Returning to the boat, we found a nice Red Rock Crab waiting in our pot. We got him cleaned up and cooked in time to attend our “happy hour” as guest of honor.


Earlier this summer at our Moody Rendezvous we had met new friends John and Jill.   They have a Moody 346, Ursa Major. They were kind enough to stop by for happy hour and then join us for dinner at the famous Tides Tavern.


We had a great dinner and really enjoyed visiting with John and Jill. Our server, Nick, was a lot of fun and added to our experience. As we were finishing up, the sun reflecting off of Mount Rainer turned it a beautiful shade of pink.


Walking back to the dingy after a fun evening with John and Jill we stopped for a selfie.


Tomorrow we continue our adventure South passing through the narrows.

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