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Walt Drechsler

“Crabby” start

We first woke from our bumpy night around 0530. First full day of vacation, I think not! Finally rolled out of bed around 0800. Still early but better than 0530! We lowered the dingy and set a couple of crab pots out toward Presedents Point then made our way towards the marina to roust our fellow cruisers. The crew for both Happy Seal and Else were all still slumbering. We topped off the dingy tank with a whopping 2 gallons and headed back to Pellucidar for breakfast. Our friends we’re stirring around 1000 so we puttered back to the marina to hook up. There was a bit of a market up on the lawn. We wandered around through the various vendors and bought two bottles of wine from a local wine maker then headed back. We checked the trap to find three very nice Red Rock crab and one smaller Dungeness. He had to wait another year before coming with us. Linda cooked them up on the way down to our next stop, Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island.

Eagle Harbor is one of our all time favorites. You can view the Seattle skyline from the anchorage and there are lots of eclectic shops and eateries to purvie as you wander through town. We met up with most of our fellow cruisers and had a wonderful time at the Harbour Public House.
I had their clam chowder. Priced at $18.00 it either had to be really good or they were nuts. It was really good!

We finished up the afternoon with a short walk uptown to a creamery we had been told about. Upon arriving, the line was out the door and around the corner. We had passed several other ice cream shops on the way and they looked vacant compared to this place. If your ever on Bainbridge make sure you visit Mora’s. You won’t be disappointed.
Tomorrow we continue South to Gig Harbor. Do we sail on the East side of Vashon or the West? That decision is yet to be determined.

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