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Walt Drechsler

Rock A Bye Baby

Once we finally got all the provisions for our extended journey aboard and stowed, we left Port of Everett under bright blue skies. As we traversed the river, able seaman Linda retrieved fenders and put away the lines. We had a fresh breeze blowing in from the North West so at the green bouy we rolled out the sails and had a nice close reach headed for Mukilteo. We timed the ferrys perfectly and slipped through during the exchange. Our sail did not last long. As the sun slowly descended into the Olympics and Mount Rainer reflected the glow above the Seattle sky line, we rolled up the sails and motored the rest of the way to Kingston.
As we entered Apple Tree Cove, the sun had painted a beautiful pink array lined above the Olympic Mountains to the West. 

We knew this bay was exposed to ferry as well as all the shipping traffic heading in and out Admiralty. During the night, the boat had swung broadside to the shipping lanes making for some exciting sleeping. I had seen a recommendation to set a stern anchor allowing the bow To set into the oncoming waves. Next time we may heed that advice. Tomorrow we head for Eagle Harbor where we join our fellow friends from Milltown andcontinue our journey South.

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