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Walt Drechsler

Spectacular 4th of July

The morning began warm and sunny. ( Not as cool as “It was a dark and stormy night” but it’s the way it was). Sat out on the back porch early with my coffee and took in the world waking up. A mare and her colt frolicking next door. The neighbor hood cat strolled by giving me a wary look and 20 minutes later came back the opposit way with a nice, plump mouse. Good girl! Humming birds fighting over the feeder sounded like large buzz bombs zooming here and there. As the sun rose over the mountains the morning got warmer. We loaded the boat and set off with a light NWW wind toward Port Susan at around 1400. We enjoyed a pleasant sail just outside the shallow markers and up the Eastside of Port Susan.

20170704_192302We tacked over to the Eastside of Camano Head then dropped anchored in about 20′ of water about 50 yards off shore. A little shrimp on the barbie, some fresh crab, smoked salmon from our neighbor, and a little cheese and crackers.


We watched a Eagle soar above the cliffs and hang out on a branch just above the shore. After lunch we had a very light NWW wind. We rolled out the main, hoisted the spinnaker and hoisted the anchor. We sailed off the anchor and headed back to port. As we sailed South past Camano Head and on past Hat Island. As we sailed South the wind continued to build until it had exceeded 20 knts. Running at 8+ knts under spinnaker and the boat was solid. What a thrill. Good food, Great sailing, Exceptional friends.

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