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Walt Drechsler

Anchors away! 

Elger Bay offers fairly good protection from a NW to a NE wind. Not so much when the wind jumps to gail forces out of the West however. Laying snugly in my bunk I heard the Admiral comment a couple of times that evening that the wind was really howling in the rigging. I heard it too but we had been in worse conditions and the boat is pretty solid with heavy ground tackle. Or so I thought. We were anchored in about 20′ of water with what I thought was about 75′ of all chain rode out attached to a 35kg Bruce anchor. (About 70 lbs) Around 2300 the Admiral reported the anchor alarm was going off. Being the ever vigilant captain I tend to sleep right through the alarm. I grumble and try to convince her it is just the boat swinging. I reset the alarm and it immediately goes off again. Hmmmm. I glance at the depth gauge and we have gone from 20 feet of water to 45. Looking out the window there is a crab buoy floating by at a fairly high rate of speed. My astute mind finally catches on to what Linda had been trying to tell me for 10 minutes. The anchor was dragging! Now I’m almost awake! We managed to get the boat fired up and the anchor up without hitting another boat. We did snag a crabbing line with the anchor but were able to free it pretty easily without moving it too far from its original location. (Apologies to the person still looking for their crab pot) All said and done we were very fortunate we were not in a crowded anchorage or blown onto a lee shore. Linda and I worked well together getting the boat back to it original location and the anchor back down with a lot more scope this time! We will pay more attention to our scope in the future. With our large anchor and heavy chain I think I had become a little too complacent in my anchoring practices. Lesson learned with no major incident. Sorry, no pictures. We were a little busy and it was dark. Next morning we set the pits about 0700 but only let them soak for anout 90 minutes as we had an afternoon visit planned with our newest grandson. We gained a couple more crab for the cooker, pulled the anchor and headed back toward Everett. We took the West side of Hat Island staying in deep water to avoid the bulk of the crab pots. Uneventful trip back to port and a fun afternoon with the kids. 

One comment on “Anchors away! 

  1. Kyla Curtis says:

    Awesome blog yyou have here


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