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Walt Drechsler

Been a little “crabby”

July 1st marked the opening day for crabbing in our neck of the woods. We spent Friday evening loading the boat and preparing for the next day. We rose at 4:00am, fired up the boat and headed out to our favorite crabbing spot. (Notice the location of such spot has been omitted) Pots were baited and lowered into the water as we were coming into the bay. We were set and ready by 0700 that morning. We continued into the bay to set the anchor with the idea of finishing our sleep cycle after the early start. However once your up and moving that rairly happens. This project added to that project and next thing we knew it was time to check the pots. We are allowed 5 crab apiece per day as long as they meet the size and sex requirements. We lowered the dingy and made the short trip across the bay to where the pots had been placed. By the time we had made our first pull of the 4 pots we had met our daily quota. Below are the two we chose for the photo shoot. IMG_20170701_110931_845

We spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and cracking crab. We ended up with a pretty good sampling of the tasty morsels.


I did manage to slide a nap in there somewhere. Had to finish up a few things for work then took the car (dingy) out for a drive.

Grilled a steak on the BBQ and Linda tossed some of the crab we caught today into a salad for dinner. Pretty nice way to spend a Saturday. Tomorrow we will give the pots one more try early and then North to see our new grandson in the afternoon.

Keep a weather eye out later this month as we make our way to the South Sound for a week’s adventure with a group of friends from Milltown Sailing.

Fair winds and following seas.

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