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Walt Drechsler

Summer Soltice Back Bay Cruise

You could not ask for a better weekend to be out on the water in the NW. We departed Port of Everett under a cloudless, clear blue sky with about 15 knots of wind coming from the NNW. We set the sails at the mouth of the Snohomish river and enjoyed a brisk sail to Mukilteo.


We had the ferry crossing timed just right and would scoot through right in the middle of their transit. Or so we thought. Mother Nature has a funny sense of humor in these situations. Just as we started to cross in front of the ferry dock, wind and tide both turned against us slowing our progress enough to nessesitate using the “iron genny” (the engine). We ended up rolling up the sails until we reached Possession Point where the wind filled in and we resumed our sailing. We crossed the shipping lanes over to Pilot Point between a tug with tow heading South and the Friday night cruise ships heading North. We tacked up the West side of the shipping lanes, cleared Point No Point, then made one final tack past Foul Weather Bluff, across Hood Canal and into Port Ludlow.



The Milltown Sailing cruise to the Back Bay is one of my favorites of the year. This is an anchor out, raft up with some very fun events. Friday night the early birds enjoyed appetizers and drinks aboard Nidaros but the real fun begins tomorrow!

Hope to see you on the water!

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