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Walt Drechsler

Pellucidar crew goes abroad.

Im a little behind on my posts as this adventure is already week old. The crew of Pellucidar took to the road Friday morning. We caught the BC ferry out of Tsawwassen and headed for the 2017 Swiftsure International Yacht Race in Victoria, BC. I crewed with Barrett and Jill on Lady Eileen, a race ready Baba 30 with a lot of tenacity and class. Linda remained in Victoria as ground crew. This is a Swiftsure event not soon to be forgotten. There was some wind, no wind, too much wind. There was some current, no current and too much current. There was waves. Yes some pretty good sized waves. Then there was fog. Pea soup fog. 11 boats started in our class and only 5 of us finished the race. Our finish was epic as we drifted across the line after being anchored out in front of the harbor for several hours to keep from going backwards. Crazy times. We began at 09:00 Saturday and crossed the line around 19:30 Sunday. Great event with some very special friends.

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