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Walt Drechsler

All systems are go on Pellucidar

Ok, so I’ve overstated it a bit but more and more systems aboard Pellucidar seem to be working and that is a welcome change to the last 12 months of projects. (Knock on wood). This week we opened the fuel tank for inspection and happy to report all was good. Generator was having some issues but we seem to have that resolved as well. Motored out of our slip around 10:20 and headed for Langely Harbor at the Port of South Whidbey. We anchored in about 20 feet of water, lowered the dingy and headed for town. Langley is a fun town full of shops and various artistic theme events. This weekend was one of the quieter ones. We grabbed  a late breakfast at The Braeburn. Good food and great atmosphere.


After breakfast Linda ran in and out of a few shops. The wind had come up so I wandered up the hill to make sure Pellucidar was where we had left her. Sure enough, all snug in the harbor. 20170603_141359_1496549656522_resized

Eventually we wandered back to the boat, relaxed in the warm breeze and maybe even gotten in a few “long blinks” as my friend Jill describes them. Linda and I worked on the deck washdown and even got that working properly. Prepared a delicious dinner of shrimp tacos enhanced by the pineapple mango Linda had picked up and followed that up with a favorite beverage of the adult variety.  20170603_192136_1496549653469_resized

After dinner Linda tried out the shower in the aft cabin. Very relaxing end to a fun and productive day.

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