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Walt Drechsler

Port Ludlow – The Perfect Trifecta

I don’t think you could find a better trifecta! We left Port of Everett late Friday afternoon, caught the last part of the ebbing current and motored our way to Port Ludlow. Port Ludlow provides a unique blend of enjoyment for us seldom found in other parts of Puget Sound. First and foremost we have some very dear friends that live in town. We enjoy just getting together, sharing a meal and visiting around an open camp fire. Second was the Port Ludlow golf course. We brought our travel bags in anticipation of a nice day on the course and were not disappointed. The golf course picked us up at the marina, shuttled us up to the pro shop, and brought us back when our round was complete. The course was in great shape and the staff was very welcoming. It was a pleasant day, not to hot and not too cool. The course was not crowded and we enjoyed getting in 9 holes right after breakfast.

20170520_115317This afternoon we visited with our friends in Port Ludlow then ferried  to the boat by dingy for a potluck dinner of shrimp appetizers and burgers. This evening we will ferry back ashore for more stories around the fire. Tomorrow we will catch the morning flood tide and hopefully, with a little more time on our side, sail back toward the Port of Everett and give our new Hydrovane a work out.


We woke to pea soup fog in the bay. Good thing we had been practicing with the radar during clear conditions the last few trips out. We motored out of Port Ludlow to catch the incoming tide. Sails up just off of Tala Point on a close reach and as we rounded FoulWeather Bluff we broke out of the fog and transitioned to a broad reach down Admiralty. Ship traffic was light so it made for a very pleasant sail to Possession. Wind relaxed around Possession so we rolled up the sails and motored the rest of the way in. Just South of Mukilteo the wind picked up with a vengeance but we had things to do so we continued to motor in. Sailing in would have been exilerating, maybe next time…….

We are so blessed to live in an area with such opportunity and beauty.


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