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Walt Drechsler

Port Gamble – Lost In Time

20170506_145531We rallied early this AM, untied the lines and departed for Port Gamble. This has been on my list for years. You don’t see much in the cruising guides regarding this bay but it has always intrigued me. The morning was flat calm with no wind so we motored down to Possession Point. Wind filled in for a short time but enough for us to unfurl the sails and let them feel a bit of the breeze coming down Admiralty Inlet. Looking to the South we caught a wall of multicolored spinnakers heading North in the Race to the Straits. What a spectacular site! Wind dropped off so we roled up the sails and motored around Foul Weather Bluff toward Port Gamble. We stayed to the West Side of the entrance so we could visit the sea serpant off Hood Head. If you’ve never seen the serpent you should consider it once. The entrance to Port Gamble is not as daunting as I had expected although neither Linda or I could find the range markers that were to guide our way into the entrance. We anchored in about 30′ of water on the West shore about 1/2 mile from town. After lunch we jumped in the dingy and went exploring. Heading North we found a place at the old mill site to land the dingy but once ashore, there was no way to access town. Everything was fenced off. Back in the dingy we went and off down the West shore to find access to town. About 1 mile south of town there is a cable crossing sign. If you go south of that about 100 yards there is a little creek that dumps into the bay. We pulled the dingy up on shore and had easy access to Hyw 104. From here we had about a mike walk to town. The cars move pretty quickly and there’s not a lot of room to walk. The East side of the highway seemed to have more of a shoulder than the West. The town is like stepping back in time. Linda found her favorite ice cream, licorice, and I had fudge. We then went next door to enjoy some beverages and watch the Kentucky Derby. When we arrived back at the dingy the tide had turned so we hade to carry it a bit to the water. I’m sure we will come here again. Access to town is a bit of a challenge but a nice bay just to hang out in.

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